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Oklahoma Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Lawyer

Unfortunately, there are too many victims of sexual misconduct in our world today. Many victims find it difficult to tell someone about their abuse and may even place blame on themselves. Most face a long struggle to recover and ongoing emotional side effects that can last for years and require intense therapy to overcome.

Victims need to know that while the criminal justice system will render punishment to the sexual misconduct perpetrators, the victims also have the right to seek civil damages to hold their abuser personally responsible for their misconduct. If other individuals facilitated in the sexual abuse or knew about the misconduct, but chose to do nothing to stop it, they also may hold some responsibility. In Oklahoma, the law allows the victims to sue not only their abuser but also the organization or the business that was negligent in allowing the abuse to happen.

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An Oklahoma City Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Lawyer at Olson Law Firm can help victims pursue legal claims against their abuser and any other responsible party. Our extensive experience with this type of claim ensures you will work with compassionate and caring staff who will give your case the priority treatment you need to get on the road to recovering from your abuse. We understand that it is difficult to come forward with sensitive information, and that it takes great courage on behalf of the victim to hold the perpetrator responsible for the misconduct and abuse. Our team wants to be your advocate.

Types of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse Claims

There are numerous types of sexual abuse and misconduct claims. The types of claims we represent include, but are not limited to:

  • Mentally disabled sexual abuse
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Abuse in community or volunteer organizations
  • Abuse in churches and religious organizations
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Daycare and school sexual abuse

Sexual abuse and misconduct can happen from unwanted touching, indecent exposure or any sexual act performed without consent, or with anyone who is unable to give consent because of disability, handicap or age.

With various degrees of damages based upon each victim’s circumstances, compensation may be obtained for physical injuries, emotional pain and suffering, and monies needed for therapy to overcome the lasting effects. Contact an Oklahoma attorney at Olson Law Firm to assist you in determining all areas of compensation you are entitled to for your claim.

Holding an individual, and possibly an organization, responsible for sexual abuse and misconduct will not only help you, but it will help prevent others from suffering the same abuse. Speaking out about your experience will also enable other victims to have the courage to voice their suffering from sexual abuse or misconduct.

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