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Malfunctioning products cause serious or catastrophic injuries to adults and children everyday throughout the United States. The safety of the consumer should always be a main focus of large corporations offering their products to the public. However, often times, it is not. When a manufacturer or vendor makes or sells a product that causes injury to the consumer, Olson Law Firm in Oklahoma CIty is ready to hold them accountable for their neglect.

“Strict liability” or liability without fault implies that manufacturers and vendors are responsible for financial compensation if you suffer a personal injury or harm from a defective or unreasonable dangerous product. Manufacturing companies must produce safe products and vendors must sell products with proper safety instructions. The Oklahoma City Products Liability Lawyers know the law that enforces the responsibility of a manufacturer or vendor.

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Three Defective Product Categories

There are three general categories that most defective products fall under:

  1. Design defects: when a product is faulty from the start of the design process, it can cause severe injuries. Product safety testing should be conducted, but is not always conducted properly or with enough research.
  2. Manufacturer defects: time constraints and profit can cause a manufacturer to unsafely produce products.
  3. Marketing defects: when a vendor sells a product without proper instructions or safety warnings, injuries can occur.

Corporation’s Insurance Coverage

Manufacturers, large corporations and vendors often carry insurance coverage to pay on cases such as product liability claims. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and want to offer the least amount of money to claimants seeking compensation for their injuries. Avoiding bad press is always a top priority for corporations and their insurance providers, so they want to settle quickly. Negotiating with insurance giants can be intimidating. Olson Law Firm attorneys want to be your advocate to ensure you are receiving a fair and just settlement. Do not sign a settlement and throw away your right to proper resolution of your claim.

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