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Oklahoma Insurance Litigation

Insurance is supposed to help people and businesses when they need it most. Usually an accident or tragedy has occurred. Whether you have suffered a car accident, your home has flooded, or you are facing medical issues, you pay for insurance to reduce the risk of being severely financially affected by these unexpected events. When an insurance company denies your claim or pays less than expected on a case, you are left to battle a large insurance company. The Oklahoma City Insurance Litigation attorneys at Olson Law Firm are committed to helping you recover what the insurance company is denying.

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Insurance Litigation Includes:

  • Long-term care failure or delay to pay
  • Residential or homeowner property claims
  • Commercial property claims
  • Life insurance claims
  • Car accident claims

Underpayment or Denial

Olson attorneys want to help you protect you, your loved ones and the property you own. Life-changing events can be devastating and insurance companies can either help you through the devastation or make matters worse by underpaying or denying your claim. Do not answer questions from an insurance agent or investigator prior to consulting with a lawyer. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that want to settle for the least amount possible. Information you provide may later cause your claim to be denied. Accepting a settlement from an insurance company will negate your rights to collect further monies. Consulting with an insurance litigation attorney will ensure you are receiving a fair amount that will cover present costs and any future costs that may arise.

Olson Law Firm has access to a number of resources to develop the best case for you. Insurance companies can appear challenging to the non-legal public, but our attorneys never back down to even the biggest companies. We focus on our clients and what their needs are. Our team will work diligently to recover the biggest settlement you are owed.

When you have suffered from an act of Mother Nature, an accident or an illness, you rightfully expect your insurance company to quickly compensate you so you are able to recuperate from the damages. Our attorneys have the expertise you can depend upon to properly file all documentations necessary and represent your insurance claim through mediation, negotiation, arbitration or even a trial.

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Insurance litigation can be intimidating and difficult. Do not allow an insurance company to force you into a less-than-agreeable settlement. Olson Law Firm is ready to be your advocate in your insurance litigation case.

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