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Oklahoma Construction Litigation Attorney

Oklahoma has a vital real estate and commercial construction industry. Recent economic conditions have caused some builders and contractors to suffer financially. Construction companies sometimes cut corners in order to save money, but you should not have to settle for their negligence. Home owners and commercial building owners usually have invested significant amounts of money when making their purchase and deserve to have a safe and flawless property.

Olson Law Firm has represented many people who face the realities of defective construction. In addition to handling new construction with homes and businesses, we also advocate for remodeling projects.

There can be strict time limits for the taking of legal action in such cases, so do not hesitate to send us an email or call us at 405-600-9300 for a free consultation.

Types of Construction Litigation

  • Defective designs or plans
  • Contractor negligence; sub-standard workmanship; industry standards violation
  • Water leakage; water damage
  • Roofing, flashing or window defects
  • Mold issues
  • Electrical and mechanical problems
  • Building or housing code violations
  • Products and materials defects or malfunctions
  • Foundation problems; land movement; building settlement
  • Flood damages due to defective construction
  • Fraudulent construction claims
  • Sub-standard construction materials

Settlement versus Trial

Our firm will research your case to decide if litigation is mandatory. Some defective construction claims can be settled through mediation or arbitration. Olson lawyers have tremendous expertise whether we are negotiating for our client’s best interest, or presenting their case before a judge in court.

Water DaProfessional Responsibility

Construction companies, contractors and sub-contractors are trying to make the most profit possible. Architects and engineering plans should contain legitimate drafts for building a safe residential or commercial property. Construction contracts outline what you have agreed to in the building of your home or commercial property; do not settle for less. Architects, engineers and construction companies have a professional responsibility to execute solid plans and buildings for their clients.

Experience and Resources

At Olson Law Firm, our reputation is built by walking along side our clients and keeping them informed and educated throughout the legal process. Complex contracts and legalities can seem overwhelming, but we strive to simplify the process for you while working relentlessly to reach a fair and agreeable verdict or settlement. Our construction litigation team will consult with construction specialists, engineers, architects, and other experts to protect your best interests and bring you the most positive outcome.

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