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Oklahoma Alzheimer Nursing Home Abuse

Olson Law Firm has a special desire to seek compensation for Alzheimer patients and their families if the patient has fallen victim to Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse. Our staff will work tirelessly to right a wrong for an Alzheimer patient and their loved ones.

MedicineNet defines Alzheimer disease as a “slowly progressive disease of the brain characterized by the impairment of memory as well as the loss of function of everyday activities like reasoning, planning, language and perception.” It is now estimated that ten percent of those over 65 and fifty percent of all individuals who are 85-years-old or older will be affected by this disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer, only treatments that may improve the quality of life for the individual coping with the disease.

Due to the fact that patients gradually progress to point where they are unable to care for themselves, placement in a nursing home becomes mandatory. Some homes offer specialized facilities to care for Alzheimer patients and the special concerns that the patients and their families must face. Upon making the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, you should feel confident that your loved one will be properly cared for. If at any time, you suspect that an Oklahoma nursing home is not offering safe and competent care to your family member, you must take action.

Alzheimer patients are more susceptible to neglect or abuse from caregivers because of their lack of ability to remember people or events. Nurses and nursing home staff can easily claim that a patient simply doesn’t remember if proper care was given or that the patient is recalling incorrect information. It is imperative for loved ones to watch for signs of abuse and neglect including unusual bruising, unexplained injuries, sudden weight loss, over-medicating or falls from lack of supervision.

Kirk Olson and his team will take every necessary step in holding every person and entity accountable for your loved one’s neglect in care. Olson Law Firm has outstanding resources to follow every avenue available to help compensate for pain and suffering endured because of a negligent nursing home. Alzheimer’s disease is a painful condition for the patient and their families. Don’t let additional harm affect your loved one.

Our firm handles each of these cases on a contingency basis. Call us today for a free consultation.